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Title Node Description Respondents Funds available Donor count
Challenging any major media figure to contradict the idea that the active measures process is currently being applied to the United States

The description of the active measures process as described by high-ranking KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1983 and 1984 appear to closely resemble American society today and over the past several decades. The parallels strike me as far too numerous and accurate to be considered by any reasonable person to be an accident or coincidence. I invite The New York Times, Fox News, or any major media figure in the United States (or perhaps elsewhere in the English-speaking world) to contradict this perspective. I'm also looking for any major or minor media figures to confirm that this is their perspective, as well.

@nytimes, @FoxNews, and Any major media figure
Challenging Robert F Kennedy, Jr to support his assertion that JFK was killed by the CIA

Robert F Kennedy, Jr, has made some very clear accusations about the CIA's alleged involvement in the assassination of his uncle, President John F Kennedy. If the information is as clear as he says that it is, the world should be clear about that right away. If his allegations are not founded on anything meaningful, then the world should know about that right away, as well. This challenge is an attempt to support a shared reality for everyone, so that we can all understand our history, so as not to be doomed to repeat it.


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