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Democrats are currently considering ending the legislative Filibuster, but there is a lot of disagreement about whether this is a good idea. Shouldn't the Senate be a place of deliberation and agreement? The House uses a simple majority, but the Senate should get bipartisan support, right?

But with the lock-step movement of Republicans, which under Mitch McConnell acted together to block almost every piece of Obama's legislation, might it be necessary to remove this method of obstruction - which is indeed what it is. 

Here we will look at the history and reality of what the Filibuster is, how it has been used, and the context in which the decision is being made. For example, the fact that Republican senators represent far fewer constituents than Democrats do, and so it is an even smaller minority obstructing things when the GOP use the Filibuster. And if the GOP are using the Filibuster to block very popular legislation, does this make sense?