Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene

This is a perfect example of why this site exists. Two completely different versions of reality. People appear very willing to lie outright. Part of that must be that they believe there will be no consequences. That has to change.

Representative-elect Greene asserted, "In DC, NOTHING is open bc of Democrat tyrannical control." She tweeted this on November 14, 2020.

Anti-lockdown protesters in VA
Several mainstream newspapers have claimed to have evidence that the protests against "lockdown" during coronavirus or the Covid-19 crisis. Some have even called them "AstroTurf" as opposed to "grassroots" protests, meaning that they were organized or funded by groups which have a different goal and a lot of money, rather than by activists interested in their purported goal of ending lockdown.
Covid Lockdown

Peter Hitchens has said that there is no evidence that stay-at-home orders - or "lockdown" policy - will save lives. Could it be true that there is no evidence that a "lockdown" will help to save a single life? Is there evidence that a lockdown will help to flatten the curve of infection?