Michael Flynn

The Hill writes:  "the more we learn about the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn, the more it appears he was targeted precisely because, as the national security adviser to the incoming Trump administration, he signaled that the new administration might undo Obama administra

Robert Mueller

Did the Mueller Report describe suffcient evidence to support an Obstruction of Justice indictment against the president or anyone in his 2016 presidential campaign? Attorney General Bill Barr wrote a summary letter regarding the report, stating that there was insufficient evidence to support such an indictment. Robert Mueller responded to that summary letter by writing his own letter to Attorney General Barr, stating that Barr had not fully captured the "content, nature, or substance" of his report.

Trump and Mueller
Donald Trump expressed concern that the Mueller investigation was biased against him because there were 13 Democrats (either registered as Democratic, or donated to Democratic Party candidates) and no registered Republicans among its investigators. What are the reasons to believe that the team was biased, and what are the reasons to believe that they were not biased? 
Trump and Mueller

Donald Trump tweeted:

How accurate are these assertions?

Brett Kavanaugh
This argument map explores the best arguments for and against the idea that the FBI investigation into now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh was 'thorough', as Senate leaders asserted at the time.