Post Office

The advertisement by VoteVets here illustrates how many see recent actions taken by the Post Office. The Postmaster General was recently brought before Congress to testify about the choices made, which allegedly include removal of post boxes and mail-sorting machines, as well as elimination of overtime pay. These are said to have slowed mail delivery, resulting in many people, including many verans, not receiving their medications on time, and many worry that it will make mail-in voting harder, and even makes their votes not count as they may not arrive on time.

Strange as it seems, we still have - years later - controversies and disagreements about whether there was collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. It seems like this would be a good toic to get on the same page about before the 2020 presidential election, as there must be tens of millions of Americans who are laboring under delusions and won't be empowered to vote responsibly unless we can clarify this topic.