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This map will use this video as a basis for breaking down what we know, as well as a secondary video and the book Winess To Roswell, co-authored by the presenter in the videos. This conversation could have started anywhere. We chose to start it with this video, and the subsequent video and book, because they include many specific examples of potential evidence - witness testimony as well as documents and other evidence.

We are not claiming any of it is true. This is a conversation. This is a living document. If you have either supporting or countering evidence, please bring it! This document is simply in service of all sides getting together - for the first time in this way - and engaging in a rational, reasoned, scientific conversation on the topic.

We are looking for thought leaders from all sides to take the lead on this. If you have the source documents to share, please send them to us, and we will include them. Please provide evidence against any assertion made in the video if you have it, about the 1947 Roswell incident.  And please confirm anything you can confirm.

For example, why did the military give multiple explanations over the years for the incident? If it was a weather balloon, why did experienced officers who were very familiar with balloon technology mistake it for a UFO? Why did it cover such a large area? If you have answers, we want them.

The video asks over and over again: "if the weather balloon explanation is true, why did X happen?" And provides many examples of X, including lots of evidence of silencing people who had witnessed the incident. If you know this not to be true, or to be true, we want to hear about it.

The number of supposed witnesses mentioned in the videos and the book raises an interesting question:  it is quite easy to confirm that these people exist and held the rank and position claimed or lived in the area as claimed; although many direct witnesses have passed away, the children are still alive, and if the quotes are made up, surely many would consider suing for defamation or at least speak out saying that the authors are lying. The authors might be financially motivated (e.g.,  to sell books), but the eye-witnesses could not all be so motivated, as sharing the proceeds would mean each would gain too little. The only financial motivation they could have for allowing the authors to lie about the tesimony would be increased tourism for Roswell - unless there is evidence for this motivation (such as that they all own tourist shops), it seems much more likely that they have been quoted accurately. So, although much of the "evidence" here is eye-witness testimony given to us by the authors, should we not believe that this testimony is accurate?

YouTube provides a transcript of the video - it gets a few things wrong, as it is automatically created, so there may be errors in the nodes if they came directly from the transcript -- we are trying to check things against the most recent book by the speaker in the video, but please offer corrections as well.

This is the secondary video too, btw:

this is the book: