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CNN: "Senate Republicans releasing a list of Obama Administration officials who sought the names of Americans discussed in intelligence reports in the weeks before the President took office"

-- what was being discussed by intelligence officials in these reports? Why did the "Obama Administration" officials seek the names? Was this a completely normal action?  Were they aware of some criminal act and trying to stop it?

Is Trump making up a scandal -- something politicians were known for before Trump but arguably something that Trump has taken to new hights? What is really happening here -- does Trump have a point or is he blowing something completely out of proportion? Was it a crime that the FBI found - or mere suspicions? Was there good reason for suspicion? And even if there was little reason for it, or on the other hand if there was good reason - either way, was it wrong that the FBI agent seemed eager to get Flynn to tell a lie? -- Or is it more important that Flynn took whatever bait -- which was probably nothing, given how the note ends -- and lied?

Trump: "The unmasking is a massive .. ah  .. it's a massive thing" 

CNN: "It's the latest attempt to discredit the FBI's Russia Investigation and accuse the Obama Administration of undermining  President Trump and his first national security advisor, Michael Flinn" (either pretty sure of their facts or biased or perhaps both?)

CNN goes on: The list has "top Obama officials" who "may have recieved Flynn's identity"

-- so, the name , Michael Flynn, may have been in a list that officials in the Obama Administration requested -- presumably concerned about national security, if we are to say "innocent until proven guilty" as jurors and judges are supposed to do - that is the law. 

Was it wrong then for officials in the Obama Administration, including the Vice President - to seek the names of those the FBI was investigating?

Is this unusual? Were then not following "innocent until proven guilty" and heabeus corpus and other constitutional and legal rights of those the FBI was inv3stigating and was the FBI following its own rules? Is the considerion of "getting Flynn to lie" over the line? Does his motivation matter -- if, for example, he really hated Trump, or wanted him not to take office - for whatever reason? Does the reason, and his character, matter?

Flynn was caught in a routine surveillance of conversations with foreign diplomats, according to CNN , talking with these foreign diplomats - thus technically vi9olating a law - an Act - and so was interviewed by the FBI. He was then found to be lying in that conversation. Does it matter whether the FBI agents he was speaking to perhaps did not like him or Trump or maybe just wanted to catch him lying because they knew or suspected something? Do we know more to fill in some of these details?

(Acessed 2020-05-14)

Please jump in - and please #ShowYourWork. Facts, evidence, documents - and logic.