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[Updated: This video was taken down by YouTube, so this conversation is closed unless someone else asserts that hospitals are empty, counter to news reports.]

In this YouTube video by Only Observer, it is argued that the Mainstream Media has been lying about the virus and creating fear, re-using videos (the same video was said to hve been used for Italy and New York City), and using other faked footage to show crowding outside of hospitals. Then they show video of empty hospitals, telling us that they are vising the same places that the media has said were over-crowded every day, but the very next day those places were empty. They also say the testing places are empty.

If this claim is true, it means that the media has been lying to us (as well as doctors who have spoken in the media) about the coronavirus and hospitalizations for Covid-19. We welcome evidence from regular folks, not just experts, so we can get to the bottom of this. Has the media been lying? What evidence do you have? This is open to the public.